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Favorite Video Game Characters (in no particular order)

→ 5. Rebecca Crane (Assassin’s Creed)

      “Look, it’s not ideal. And taking a life is never easy. But sometimes there’s no other way. Sometimes, Desmond, people have to die for things to change.”



“grrrrr” “desmond stop” “grrrrrrr”

Hahaha, I totally heard that in the Hulk’s voice. 

ACB    Desmond Miles    Lucy Stillman    Rebecca Crane    Shaun Hastings    Roma    Vault    Juno    

ACB    Shaun Hastings    Rebecca Crane    Desmond Miles    Lucy Stillman    


AC 30 Day Challenge: Day 2, Favorite Character… 

I hardly make it a secret that I really love Ezio, for a multitude of reasons. If I had to pick just one, it would be him. Yusuf Tazim is a very close second. He complimented Ezio’s personality very well in Revelations and I was furious at what Ubisoft had done to him before Revelations ended.

I have other favorites for different reasons too: Yusuf Tazim, Kadar Al-Sayf, Giovanni Auditore & Federico Auditore were my favorite short-lived characters. Rebecca Crane, Rosa, Caterina Sforza, Bartolomeo D’Alviano & Leonardo da Vinci are other favorites of mine. As for the Templars, Shahkulu and Cesare Borgia [to me] were two of the most formidable enemies to have been introduced in any of the games, so they’re my favorite Templars.